Please click on the directions from our website.  Our building is new so it may not mapquest or GPS correctly.

If we are going to close – we will post it here:

Make Up Classes – if you missed a class due to weather and need a make up just show up to any of the following before APRIL :  ( if you are in a 45 minute class you may only make up the classes the gym was closed)  45 min class make ups:  Monday 4:45 or 5:45, Wens 1:45, Sat 11
55 min class make ups: Tues 5:30 or 7, Thurs 7 or Fri 6
85 min class make ups: Tue 6:30, Wens 5 or (Thursday 2/27  6:30 this one you must reserve a spot – give a call)                 Boys class make up: Fri 6pm

Please note that all participants in our gym must have a signed release form on file!  Click the Release Form Link to print your own.

NEW TIME! CrossFit Gymnastics Class for Adults (ages 16+) Thursday 8:00 to 9:00 pm  It’s a drop in class show up pay $10!  Come try it out! (Note: $20 registration fee required good thru Aug 2014)

OPEN GYM TIMES: Fri and Sat Nights!! 7 – 9pm  $10 per kid  September thru June

Drop In  Cheer: Mondays and Wednesdays   7:30 – 9 pm $10 per person  -  New! 30 foot air track for tumbling – come try it out!  Watch the video  of our Smarter Spotters on our video page. We’ve invested over  $5000 to help you get that backhandspring!  This drop in class works on tumbling with our coaching staff.

IF YOUR FAMILY IS NEW TO OUR GYM…we want you to be satisfied with our program, sign up for class and if your child doesn’t have fun during their first class we will refund all of your money.  No questions asked.

Fun and learning gymnastics is what we are all about! 

Why go to a “Little Gym” ?  Visit our “Big Gym” located near Richboro, Southampton, Jamison and Warrington/Warminster.   Our 6700 sq. ft. facility is outfitted with Olympic equipment, trampolines, moon bounce, and a waiting area for parents .  Your child will learn more because we have lots of equipment (less waiting in line).  Our instructors love kids, but we aren’t going to bust out toys like hula hoops, you are paying a premium to have us teach GYMNASTICS.  Let’s have fun, teach your child a cartwheel and leave the hoops at home!